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Recycling and Reusing makes Antiques the ultimate GREEN resource!

424 High Street
City of Burlington, New Jersey 08016
Open every day 11am - 5pm

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Here's what local antiques collectors have to say about using antiques everyday:

Get back to basics. "I think of antiques when I need a piece of furniture such as a cabinet or a kitchen gadget. Sure it's easier to go to the local mall and just purchase what I need, but there is also an additional cost - the cost of stress on the environment. Buying an antique is recycling a treasure of the past...

You not only get that cabinet you want, but you get decorative character, a conversation piece to show your friends, a piece that will outlast any new piece of furniture made today, and you also saved one more tree for the birds to sing in...

The same goes for items such as kitchen gadgets. No need to waste electricity. You would be surprised of the basic technology used for these gadgets. So go green and get back to the basics of yesteryear." - Ken of Oldhouseguy.com

The natural way to go."My family has always looked for ways to be "off the grid." So when I started buying antique furniture and household items for everyday use, it seemed like the natural way to go. Call it used, pre-owned, second hand, twice loved, vintage, retro, or antique, if I can give it a new life in my home, it is a treasure to me." Dawn of