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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Go Green with antiques
Do you buy items if I bring them in?
Normally, we do not buy items over the counter. You may post a "for sale" ad on our bulletin board inside the shop. Show the ad to the manager before you post it. Keep it limited to antique, vintage, collectable, or relevant items.

Can I sell my stuff here?
Historic Burlington Antiques and Art Emporium is not a consignment shop. We cannot sell your items for you. If you want to be a seller you need to have a tax ID number from the State of New Jersey, and you need to have photos of previous displays or shows. Booths and cases are available for rent. For a rental contract come in and talk to a manager.

Can you give me a value for my items?
We cannot give you a formal written appraisal, but some of the sellers here can give you an estimate or direct you where you can start to research.

I want to buy an item, what is the best price on this item? Are there any discounts?
Most of the sellers have ticketed their items with their best price. We are known around the area for having some of the best and most fair prices for antiques and collectables. Some sellers will choose to have their items on sale. This will be indicated by a sign in their booth or case.

Do you have a discount for dealers?
When you file an ST-3 form with us, we do not charge dealers tax on items for resale.

What is your sales tax?
We have 7% sales tax in New Jersey.

Why is there sales tax on vintage clothing?
Vintage clothing is considered a luxury unlike new clothing.

Can I pay with a credit card? A debit card?
We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. We also accept debit cards with the Visa logo.

What if I cannot fit the item in my car today?
We can hold an item that has been paid for up to 2 days. Some sellers may offer to transport items up to 50 miles for a fee. Please check with who is available on the day you come in.

Do you have a lay-a-way policy?
Yes talk to a manager on duty and they can explain the specifics.

Can I buy gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates are available all year-round, not just during the holidays.

What if I cannot see the price on an item in the case? OR
I see an item in a case, but I want to inspect the condition. Can I look at items in a case?

You may inspect items in the cases before purchase. One of the daily helpers will be glad to open a case for you and bring items to the front counter for you.

Do you know if you still have an item I saw last week in the shop?
With over 65 individual dealers and dozens of shoppers daily, our stock turns over frequently. It is best if you purchase the item when you see it, because it may not be here tomorrow.

My hands are full of items, can I leave them at the front counter while I continue shopping?
Feel free to start a collection at the front counter while you shop. These will be held for you until you are ready to check out.

What is your return policy?
We cannot offer a return policy at this time. All items are sold as is. It is best that you inspect the item carefully before you purchase it.

Can I call to find out if you have any teapots with ladybugs on them?
With over 65 individual sellers, we do not know each sellers inventory. It is best that you come in and browse around.

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